5 Reasons We’re Proud to be American-Made

Here at Lack’s Outdoor Furniture, we believe the best place to make, test out, and actually see our beach chairs and umbrellas in action with customers on the sand is right here in Myrtle Beach, where we all live and work.

We’ve been proud to be a custom, American-made, commercial-grade beach equipment company for more than 40 years.

“We don’t do that because it’s the easy thing to do, we do it because it’s the right thing to do,” says owner George Lack. “We hand-sew and manufacture all of our products here in Myrtle Beach, in the United States, because for us, it’s the only way to do it. There are faster and cheaper alternatives, but nobody ever outsourced anything for quality.”

That quality is synonymous with any “Made in the USA” product, which stands for an item that is higher quality and longer lasting – and that means it actually carries a lower cost per use.

Here are a handful of additional reasons American-made products benefit businesses, like ours, our consumers and our all-American future, as we found online at themadeinamericamovement.com and americanmadematters.com:

  • Jobs stay here. And when they stay here, they’re not shipped abroad, which supports the American economy, employment and safer labor conditions mandated by OSHA. Manufacturing in the United States equals jobs for thousands of Americans.
  • It’s better for the environment. The manufacturing processes in the United States are much better for the environment than other countries, using cleaner, more eco-friendly systems.
  • Job training stays here. There’s been a decrease in American workers’ ability to manufacture products here, which makes a major cut in our good ol’ fashioned American independence. Relying on other countries’ exports and their trade agreements is not the way to do business.
  • More investments, less deficit. The more that American manufacturing is pumped into the economy, the more investment opportunities would come to life. And, when those investments are created, the U.S. trade deficit (which is massive) is reduced.

For more info on our American-made pride, visit https://lacksoutdoorfurniture.com/made-in-usa/. And if you’re ready to pick out your beach chair or umbrella, start shopping here https://lacksoutdoorfurniture.com/shop/