A Seat with a View

Our chairs and umbrellas are known for being beach furniture. You can’t go to the beach on the Grand Strand without seeing our furniture, but our chairs and umbrellas aren’t only for the beach. Our furniture is handmade, strong, portable, outdoor furniture. They can easily go where you want to take them. 

Here are some places that your Lack’s chairs and umbrellas can go.

-The classic, why Lack’s began in the first place! The best soundtrack for reading a book or drawing is the sound of crashing waves. Sit with good company, comfortably in the shade of your umbrella. Bring food and drinks, music, books, games, surfboards, buckets and shovels, your day at the beach is a lot better with comfy chairs and some shade.

-Picture it. Its a sunny summer day, you’ve got the grill going, maybe some friends and family, you’re lounging in your Lack’s chair with the shade of your umbrella, drink in hand, music going, snacking on some munchies, and absorbing how nice a day you’re having.

-Gameday. Your team isn’t even doing great, but you go because it’s a home game and you want to visit with some old friends. With your Lack’s chair and umbrella, you’re set. In the past you had brought all the food and drinks, so this time you feel alright just bringing some chips and dip. It’s okay your friends kinda owe you. And they don’t mind. You’re sitting around in that classic tailgating circle of friends and family. You’re getting fed and you’ve got some shade and comfy seats. It’s a good day.

-Maybe you camp all the time, or maybe you haven’t in a while and the time has come to spend some time in nature. You’ve set up your tent and build your fire. It’s night time and there is nothing better than sitting around a fire. You are sitting comfortably, getting warm by the fire, and the soundtrack is filled with the sounds of night, owls hooting, crickets chirping, and the fire crackling. It’s all nice, and you’ve got a warm blanket. You recline your chair and look at the stars.

-Whether you are fishing, reading, eating, or drinking, bringing your Lack’s chair to the river is a good idea. Sit on the shore of the river, watch boats go by, try to catch some fish, and enjoy the company of yourself and those who are with you.

That’s the service that our chairs and umbrellas serve- a place to sit and relax wherever you are. This writer loves sitting with a view. I like to look at the world around me and take it in. I want to take my chair and umbrella onto a riverboat. I want to ride up and down the Mississippi River and invite friends and family to join me once in a while. Sit on the boat in the sunshine, play music, read, talk about ideas and memories, fish, draw, drink and eat. With a portable chair and umbrella, you’ve got baseline shelter and relaxation wherever you want to be. Let our chairs and umbrellas take you to the place you sit and dream about.